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Our Story

Hello! My name is Andrea
and I'm the founder of Maker Missya!
Helping others has always been a priority of mine, and problem solving is definitely one of my strong suits, so when COVID hit and there was a need for supplies I wanted to help. I had never sewn before but I always felt it was a necessary skill that I should learn, and this seemed like the perfect time to do it.
I purchased a sewing machine, watched lots of tutorials, and made a lot of mistakes, but was committed to making the best product I could offer. I donated over 100 face masks to local hospitals and neighbors in need and sold face masks via word of mouth to help buy the supplies. While doing this, I rediscovered a real passion for creating that I hadn't tapped into in a long time.
Living in a city, space is not easily attainable, so I especially love to take what space I have and create items or storage that will not only serve a purpose, but be aesthetically pleasing. That's what Maker Missya is all about.
Taking something basic, such as a face mask, and turning it into something positive, fun and full of purpose.
Something to help fix a problem or just to make you smile even in these dark times.
I hope you enjoy my creations as much as I have enjoyed making them for you.
~ Andrea