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This planter comes in 3 sizes for different plant types/uses.

-"Mini Brain"- The smallest is meant for a smaller airplant which is included with the piece

-"Brain Planter with Drainage" - This is a "regular" sizes planter with drainage, which has a planter size for a 1-2in plant, and comes with a matching drainage tray. Good for soil based plants, larger airplants, or even a business card holder. **4in L x 3in w x 1 3/4in h. Plate is just shy of 4 1/4 wide

-"XL Brain planter" - XL is a big brain and has planting room for either a 3in plant or two 2in plants and has drainage holes. It does not come with a matching drainage tray. If you'd like a drianage tray made for it, it will be $10. 


We hand pour and mix every piece we sell, so no 2 pieces are ever exactly the same(no matter how hard I try) so your exact piece will be the only one like it.


You are purchasing a cement planter that is pre-made and ready for shipping. No modifications can be made. 

Brain Planters With Drainage

  • Concrete, Acrylic Paint, Organic Tung Oil