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If you're anything like me, taking even a minute for myself is nearly impossible. With deadlines, pets, kids, school, just LIFE, the first thing that goes is time for ourselves. This however is not how it should be. This kit is meant to give you the resources to create that time limit you need to reset in just 20 minutes. It's packaged beautifully for either yourself or as a gift for a loved one.


This kit includes:

1 - Maker Missya cement mini-candle holder

10 - 100% Beeswax 20 minute candles from a maker in Oregon (with Oregon beeswax). 

1 - Vial of 12 hand dipped matches from a maker in Poland


Each piece of this package is made by a small maker with intention and mindfulness. We make the cement candle holders as a beautiful and unique peice to securely hold your candles. Every candle is handmade by a maker in Oregon out of local beesewax and rather than an alarm to let you know when your time is up, this candle is a timer to last exactly 20 minutes. Even better is that it burns clean, so no wax to clean up afterward. The matches are each hand dipped by a maker in Poland. This is the perfect set for someone who needs to create that time and safe space for a 20 minute meditation, prayer, or just a reset. We each deserve this! 


We hand pour and mix every piece we sell, so no 2 pieces are ever exactly the same (even in the same pouring session) so your exact piece is unique and the only one like it. You are purchasing a cement planter that is pre-made and ready for shipping/pick up. No modifications can be made. 

20 Minute Meditation Kit

  • Cement, Cement pigment, Stone sealer