CURRENT "FLAVORS": Macha, Vanilla Rainbow, Blueberry Muffin, Marble, Chocolate


I love food and have been dying to incorporate it with my pieces, so these are modeled after cupcakes and sprinkles! Created from my chips(over pours and broken pieces) as a way to be more eco-friendly and reduce my waste by reusing. 

I’ll be making an assortment of new “flavors” seasonally! One of the things that makes me love these pieces is that each one has its own personality with how the sprinkles incorporate with the poured cement, and sometimes you’ll even get glimpses of what the piece previously was in the chips… I just love it!


Each of these have drainage and come with a matching plate. 


DIMENSIONS IN INCHES: 3 1/8L x 3 1/8W x 2.5H

               Plate – 4L x 4W x 3/8H

               Planting Space- 2 1/4w x 2 1/4L x 2 depth


We hand pour and mix every piece we sell, so no 2 pieces are ever exactly the same (even in the same pouring session) so your exact piece is unique and the only one like it. You are purchasing a cement planter that is pre-made and ready for shipping/pick up. No modifications can be made. 

Cement Sprinkle Jawns

  • Concrete, Acrylic Paint, Organic Tung Oil